Our Center


The purpose of our pregnancy center is to assist women and families who are facing unplanned pregnancies by providing them with accurate information about their options and by offering them ongoing support. Our goal is to empower women to make healthy choices for themselves and their families.

At our pregnancy center we provide a self-administered pregnancy test and consultation by trained advisors. Consultation includes, when appropriate, information about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), fetal development, pregnancy options, and abortion procedures.

Our center is not a medical facility. We can give a referral for a medical confirmation of a positive pregnancy test and, when appropriate, for an ultrasound exam. We also help make arrangements for pre-natal care as well as for other social and legal services, including adoption. This center does not perform nor give referrals for abortion services.

All services at our center are offered free of charge. All information is kept confidential except as required by law or when necessary to protect individuals from physical harm or abuse. Pregnancy Resource Services is run by the Cross Road Foundation.

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